Welcome to the law offices of Allison MacKenzie. Founded in 1978, Allison MacKenzie, a group of Carson City Attorneys, has served clients throughout the State of Nevada as well as on a national level. Our team of talented, experienced attorneys offers a wide range of practice areas to ensure a comprehensive legal foundation for each and every client and situation. As a general practice law firm, our areas of emphasis span from business law to estate planning and from creditor protection to water rights and employment law to renewable energy development (Green Energy). We serve a variety of clients requiring legal assistance in Nevada State Laws including businesses, non-profit organizations, public utilities, real estate firms and individuals.

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm has been recognized as one of the:

2016 “Best Law Firms” by US News and World Reports.

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm was honored with a Metropolitan Tier 1 ranking in the practice area of Energy Law.


2016 US Top Ranked Law Firms by Martindale-Hubbell®

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Dedication to the Community

For decades, our firm has demonstrated dedication to the community through its support of numerous organizations in Carson City and throughout the state.


Superior Legal Counsel

Allison MacKenzie is a general practice law firm committed to providing superior legal representation for businesses, individuals and government agencies.

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Serving Diverse Client Interests

Allison MacKenzie understands clients have diverse legal needs, and we focus on providing services in a wide variety of legal areas.

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More About Our Services

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Allison MacKenzie Law Firm enjoys a rich heritage of providing clients with compassionate and effective legal advice in a spectrum of legal areas. To learn more about the services offered by our team of experienced attorneys, please visit our practice area pages and the tab section below.

Family Law

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm offers a wealth of experience in all aspects of Family Law. Family Law is a broad term that encompasses many issues including adoptions, pre-marital agreements, marital separation agreements, divorce, child custody and property settlement agreements, and guardianships. 

Our firm offers clients professional yet compassionate legal representation in all legal aspects of marriage and family relationships including:

  • Divorce – whether contested or uncontested or mediated
  • Modification of existing decrees
  • Property settlement agreements, providing for division of property and separate property and debts
  • Separation negotiations and agreements
  • Nevada child support – original or modification
  • Custody – original or modification
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Property distribution, including the division of pensions and retirements
  • Interstate child support and interstate custody
  • Enforcement of all orders, agreements and decrees in Family Court and Supreme Court
  • Paternity Issues
  • Adoptions
  • Guardianships

Typically, Family Law matters impact individuals related by blood or marriage; however, Family Law can also impact relationships such as guardians and powers of attorney.  Regardless of your situation, our firm has decades of experience serving parties seeking effective, compassionate Nevada Family Law representation.

Allison MacKenzie Law Firm is a Carson City, Nevada based firm that understands that each client’s needs and concerns are unique. Our Family Law attorneys are adept in analyzing and implementing strategies to help protect our client’s rights and offer compassionate legal representation. We understand that divorce and family issues can be an emotional time for our clients, and our attorneys efficiently guide our clients through the often complex legal processes. At Allison MacKenzie, we believe that understanding our client’s personal objectives are key to building an effective client/attorney relationship, and providing exceptional and personalized legal representation.

Contact us today for your free family law consultation.