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Mike Pavlakis joined Allison MacKenzie Law Firm in 1979. He offers Carson City residents a wealth of experience in Business Law, Healthcare Law, Education Law and Real Estate Law.

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George Allison, Carson City Attorney, receives State Bar “Model of Professionalism” Award

Awarded to an attorney who has exhibited a lifetime of ethical law practice and generous spirit in professional, public and personal life.

George V. AllisonAllison MacKenzie Law Firm of Carson City, Nevada, announces attorney George Allison was awarded the 2011 “Judge Howard D. McKibben Model of Professionalism Award” given by the Nevada State Bar, in conjunction with the Professionalism Summit Committee and Washoe County Bar Association on October 19, 2011. This lifetime achievement award recognizes a member of the Nevada State Bar who is committed to the Rule of Law and embodies the principles of respect, courtesy and civility.

“I’m deeply honored to be selected to receive this award. As Nevadans, I think our core values of respecting individuals, respecting team efforts, respecting hard work and respecting the individualism of small business are principals we constantly strive to carry out in representing our clients” remarked George Allison.

George Allison co-founded the Carson City, NV-based law offices of Allison MacKenzie in 1978 out of the firm known as Laxalt, Berry & Allison. He has provided his clients with a solid background of trial experience, including cases involving employment termination and discrimination and business torts in cases dealing with fraud, defamation, professional misconduct and breach of contract. He is also a trained and experienced mediator and arbitrator and has acted in that capacity for both parties in private litigation and for the Nevada Supreme Court in the appellate process.

Allison is known for his integrity, professionalism and dedication by many of his colleagues. Allison’s former law partner, and now Nevada State District Court Judge, Todd Russell said, “This is an award well-earned by George, given his many years of dedication to the legal profession and his outstanding professionalism.”

Although Allison has cut-back his practice a bit, he maintains close ties with the partners as well as the young lawyers rising in his firm. “We founded Allison MacKenzie Law Firm on the premise that the legal profession should be practiced with integrity and respect and that we have a community responsibility. I’m proud to have been a part of creating this legacy and proud that the firm continues to uphold these principles,” said Allison.

Since 2008, the “Judge Howard D. McKibben Model of Professionalism Award” has been given by the Nevada State Bar each year to one attorney in southern Nevada and one in northern Nevada who has exhibited a lifetime of professionalism. A letter given to George Allison by Federal Judge Howard D. McKibben states “Above all, professionalism requires those of us who are a part of this noble profession to do the very best that we can to faithfully discharge our professional responsibility to the bench, the bar, and the public and to be role models for future generations.”

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