Carson City, officially named the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City, is located in the Capitol Building in Carson City western tip of Nevada.

Named after mountain man Kit Carson, Carson City boasts a legacy rich in western culture and history.

From its early notoriety as a United States Mint and anchor of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad (V & T), Carson City has blossomed into a modern town of more than 55,000 inhabitants.

Carson City is unique in that it is one of America’s largest state capitals, with a city limit of more than 146 square miles. The sheer size and location of the town lends itself to offering residents and visitors a plethora of recreational activities including: snowboarding, skiing, water skiing, paddle boarding and much more. On its Lake Tahoe front beaches, Carson City provides visitors with breathtaking views of this jewel of the Sierra. And, within minutes, outdoor enthusiasts can venture away from Lake Tahoe’s mountainous landscape and have a completely different experience in the high desert environment of western Nevada.

Over the years, Carson City has evolved into an innovative and nationally recognized “micropolitan area,”*while still maintaining its small town appeal. From the quaint historic downtown area to the airport manufacturing area, virtually any type of business model is seen in and around Carson City. Businesses have experienced a resurgence—including construction and development. According to Moody’s, Carson City is an attractive option for businesses due to its proximity to California, lower cost of living and business operation costs (labor and rent are well below the national average).

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*The Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities rated Carson City the 19th best “micropolitan area” in the country.

Link to Moody’s: