Education Law

Education is the crux of our society. Everyone, including parents, students, educators, community members and representatives, is concerned about our educational system and the welfare of our youth. At Allison MacKenzie, we are passionate about the education and development of our children. -Mike Pavlakis

Schools, both public and private, face legal issues that seem to test every decision made on behalf of everyone impacted by a school day. Allison MacKenzie’s attorneys are familiar with the increasingly complex issues that are a part of education laws. We offer multiple years of experience in employment, litigation, financing, municipal law, and dispute resolution. The attorneys at Allison MacKenzie advise clients in private and public schools in the following areas:

  • Nevada Education Law
  • School code, bylaws and policies
  • School violence, student rights and discipline
  • Labor and employment relations
  • Teacher tenure
  • Employment issues
  • Financing and construction
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Charter Schools



At Allison MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. The attorneys featured below are particularly experienced in Education Law. To learn more about an attorney, please click on their name.

Mike Pavlakis

Ryan D. Russell

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