Whether you are seeking child custody, adjustments to the terms of your child custody agreement or guardianship of a developmentally disabled or elderly person, the attorneys at Allison • MacKenzie are well versed in the complicated legal and emotional issues involved. Seeking guardianship is a very personal matter which can stem from a wide range of issues including: mental deficiency or illness, incarceration, inability to adequately care for a child etc. At Allison • MacKenzie, we appreciate the sensitive nature of these concerns as well as the need to be supportive of our clients, all while providing valued service and experienced legal advice.

Our firm offers comprehensive guardianship legal advice in the areas of:

Complex Divorce
Child Custody
Limited Guardianship: Developmentally Disabled
Grandparents’ Rights
Collaborative Law


At Allison • MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. In particular, the attorneys featured below are experienced in Nevada Guardianship Law. To learn more about a particular attorney, please click on his/her name.

Joel W. Locke
Kyle A. Winter


Allison • MacKenzie serves an extensive clientele ranging from large corporations to small, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses – as well as many individuals.

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