Public Utilities Law

Questions regarding energy supplies as well as increasingly common rate adjustments are major issues pertaining to the public utilities industry today and fair representation is a must-have for consumers and energy suppliers alike.
– Patrick V. Fagan

The mission of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is to achieve a flexible regulatory environment that provides safe, reliable and quality services to utility customers on just and reasonable terms, while managing the transition to effective competition where appropriate. Allison MacKenzie’s attorneys with emphasis in public utilities ensure that the Public Utilities Commission is held to the standards of its mission, as well as educate clients about potential problem areas in dealing with public utility law and issues. We counsel clients on strategies to ensure fair and reasonable practices by area utility companies and regulators. Allison MacKenzie is involved on a daily basis in the telecommunications, electric, gas and water utility industries. We continually monitor activities relating to the Nevada Public Utilities Commission as well as the Nevada State Legislature. In particular, our public utilities counsel includes:

  • Negotiation of power purchase and sales agreements
  • Regulatory proceedings such as rate adjustment cases
  • Utility environmental permitting
  • Tariff enforcement and modifications
  • Resource Planning


At Allison MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. In particular, the attorneys featured below are experienced in Public Utilities. To learn more about a particular attorney, please click on his/her name.

Karen A. Peterson
Alida Mooney


Allison MacKenzie serves an extensive clientele ranging from large corporations to small, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses – as well as many individuals.

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