Telecommunications Law

The growth of the Internet, as well as new technologies such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), has created an entirely new legal landscape. It’s important for parties involved in the industry to have representation that makes it a priority to stay as current as possible. -Karen A. Peterson

Allison MacKenzie’s telecommunications attorneys represent a variety of players in the telecommunications industry including local exchange carriers, wireless telecommunications service providers, video service providers, internet service providers, and other related companies. In recent years, our telecommunications representation has dramatically increased along with the expanded use of the Internet, which is now regulated by the FCC. Our team can assist emerging telecommunications companies in obtaining necessary certificates and approvals, filing tariffs and pricing information, and bringing operations into compliance with state and federal regulatory rules. We keep abreast of new telecommunications regulations, pertaining to both State of Nevada and federal laws. Our telecommunications counsel includes:

  • Experience with federal and state regulatory requirements
  • Representation of a full range of telecommunications carriers
  • Representation of individuals with financial interests, including private investment funds, individual investors and financial institutions
  • Tariff filings
  • Contractual disputes
  • Employment matters
  • Franchising
  • Cell Tower regulation and placement
  • Municipality representation
  • Appearances before government regulators including the FCC, Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and various courts



At Allison MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. The attorneys featured below are particularly experienced in Telecommunications Law. To learn more about an attorney, please click on their name.

Karen A. Peterson


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