Foreclosure Law

During these trying economic times, you need a law firm that can assist in making difficult legal decisions that arise from foreclosure issues. The expert staff at Allison MacKenzie can provide you with the depth of knowledge you will need to navigate through this trying process. Whether you are losing your home or considering a short sale, Allison MacKenzie has the experience you need.

In addition to traditional foreclosure relief and debt negotiation/relief, Allison MacKenzie focuses on additional client services including:

  • Credit Restoration
  • Debt Dissolution
  • Estate Planning
  • Foreclosure Litigation
  • Wrongful Foreclosure
  • Repayment Negotiations
  • Tax Planning and Resolution


At Allison MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. In particular, the attorneys featured below are experienced in Foreclosure Law. To learn more about a particular attorney, please click on his/her name.

Joan C. Wright


Allison MacKenzie serves an extensive clientele ranging from large corporations to small, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses – as well as many individuals.

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