Environmental Law

We help ensure clients are in compliance with the ever-changing and increasingly complex local, state and federal laws regulating environmental protection.
Karen A. Peterson

Any business or government entity is subject to the maze of environmental laws that impact daily operations. These entities are interested in “doing the right thing” as well as avoiding criminal liability, civil and criminal penalties, liability for cleanup costs and the deterioration of asset value and public image. Our attorneys experienced in environmental law are dedicated to providing clients with practical, comprehensive counsel and solutions involving a wide variety of environmental litigation issues. Allison MacKenzie has a deep foundation of experience in every part of environmental law including compliance, enforcement, permitting and litigation. Our attorneys make it a priority to stay abreast on matters involving the Environmental Protection Agency and pertaining to:

  • Air emissions
  • Water pollution
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Toxic substance releases
  • Land use matters
  • Underground storage tanks


At Allison MacKenzie, our team of attorneys provides comprehensive counsel in a variety of areas. In particular, the attorneys featured below are experienced in Environmental Law. To learn more about a particular attorney, please click on his/her name.

Karen A. Peterson
Christopher MacKenzie
James R. Cavilia


Allison MacKenzie serves an extensive clientele ranging from large corporations to small, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses – as well as many individuals.

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